We make success. We scout the best of the best and coach until we have a winner.

Our approach is eclectic and hardcore. We have decades of experience each and we will be the guides through the depths of the industry.

We can

We possess combined global industry experience of over 100 years. We offer services to start-ups as well as venture funds and business angels. We provide analysis and smart investment opportunities to investors and support and guidance to start-ups.

With each client we bring to the table experts in 6 fields:

  • Financing
  • Strategy
  • Partnering
  • Start-up know-how
  • Product development
  • Marketing

We are the bridge that closes the gap between smart money and innovators.

We care

From local to global. We choose our clients with care, and after that, they are not just a client, they a part of our family. We will take care of our clients with consummate care and utmost professionalism.

Kinahmi Games Ltd.

Squarecone Games Oy


Motorious Entertainment Oy

Rakka Creative Oy


  • Mikko has been nominated as a mentor for the Founder Institute. "This will continue our mission to help as many startups as possible. We as a company feel that an early advisory in professional and no-nonsense way is the key to be a successful enterprise." http://fi.co/mentors
  • Mikko has been nominated a chairman and Miikka a member of steering group of an innovation based business development project Speech Synthesis, Gaming and Learning ( SSGL ) at University of Helsinki, Institute of Behavioural Sciences ( Phonetics )
  • Tigerhat Games has been awarded a grant from AVEK CREMA for developing a gamified service for diagnostics early stage memory impairments Mikko is also developing and looking for partners for a service for diagnosing, activating and life management of depression patients.
  • Tigerhat Games is developing products for diagnostics and alleviation of brain disorders under the brands Playful Diagnostics and Playful Therapeutics. We are also open for co-operation in any of these fields.
  • Mikko has been nominated a Head of Studio of Motorius Entertainment Ltd. Developing world class IP games. Currently the studio is working on mobile game for BBC:s Top Gear show.

We are

Located at the hottest game-scene in the world, Helsinki, Finland, We have a unique network in the area. Not that we would be bragging, bu we all have extensive global career behind us, providing us with truly amazing global reach both in the industry and financing partners.

Heikki Hirvonen

Area: CEO

Experience: Heikki has over two decades of experience in management, sales and entrepreneurship in the areas of game development and digital media production. He knows the daily struggles and responsibilities of running a startup inside out. He has founded several companies and has invaluable experience in the day-to-day management of a company.

Mikko Honkakorpi

Area: COO

Experience: Mikko has over 20 years of ICT and Digital Media experience in management, consulting and C-level positions. He has worked in both large corporations and lean startups in different capacities, normally on tasks related to new business development, account management and finances. He has held several CEO, CFO and COO positions as well as company board memberships.

Miikka Lyytikäinen

Area: Director, Game Development

Experience: Miikka has experience in leading & managing game and application development companies and game design since 1999. He is CEO of game developers Aniway Oy and Pulma Games, Chairman of the Board of Serious Gaming Cluster Finland and Board member of Finnish game industry center Neogames.

Jouni Kantonen

Area: Director, Marketing & HR

Experience: Jouni is a Social Media Marketing Specialist with over 6 years hands-on experience. He has Over 25 years experience in marketing, business development, sales, media and advertising and is a founder of several companies. He is a Founder and Chairman of a recruiting company Some Hunters Oy.

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